Safety Culture in Shipping – A Brief Overview

Marine Safety Culture is one of the most important aspects of shipping. It includes providing security to the life and property aboard a vessel and in the organization with the help of proper management, technology, and rules. Safety culture in an organization focuses on establishing a safe environment for people who work there and recognizing and preventing any mishaps that may occur. The process of implementing safety culture in the company starts with understanding the key points of safety culture and then the steps organizations can take to improve it further. Implementing Safety Culture in Shipping Safety culture has been an integral part of the shipping industry for a long time now. People sometimes find the regulations laid down for marine safety to be a little cumbersome, but they have been responsible for saving many a life on and off seas. The recent fire off the Kandla port is an example of what happens when safety culture is lax and sailors do not adhere to regulations. In order to implement a safety culture there are a few steps that need to be followed. These include: Self-Regulation Self-regulation requires an organization to set goals for its performance. Every individual working for the organization must take proper action and carry out his/her duties responsibly. Safety measures should be undertaken within the organization … Continue reading Safety Culture in Shipping – A Brief Overview

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