7 Technology Trends That are Shaping the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry has played a major role in the expansion of business and trade for years. It is the most effective mode of trading and has a significant influence on the world economy. For centuries, shipping companies have transported cargo in every form effortlessly. However, with the growing population, imports and exports have increased exponentially in the global markets and this escalation is expected to continue for quite a long time. Maritime trading companies have always used traditional methods of transportation and correspondence, such as bulk carriers, cargo ships, radio signals, and more. These days, however, with the introduction of revolutionary technology and ideas, it has become imperative for the trade industries to adopt new technological trends for providing an even faster and more efficient trade service. Advancement in technology has introduced a number of techniques that can ensure an upgrade in the overall operation of the shipping industry. The introduction of megaships, robots replacing manpower, new and upgraded materials, alternative fuels is set to bring about a drastic change in the shipping industry. Let us study some of the major shipping trends[1] here, which are shaping the future of the shipping industry. Technological Trends in the Shipping Industry The Growth of Sensor Technology Sensor technology is one of the most advanced and well-developed technologies today. With the introduction … Continue reading 7 Technology Trends That are Shaping the Shipping Industry

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Evolution of Technology in Shipping

Shipping has been the method of choice for transporting heavy cargo across long distances. Today, marine transportation systems are an integral part of maritime trade, functioning at high efficiency. However, shipping has tenaciously clung to its traditional roots until the last decade or so. Previously, technology was often considered as somewhat of a liability instead of an asset. The scenario is gradually changing these days, with better and more advanced machinery and communication tools being invented for making a sailor’s life easier. This is an overview of the various technological advancements in the marine industry, in terms of marine infrastructure, navigation aids, salvage and firefighting support, security systems, and search and rescue facilities. Technological Advancements in Shipping Marine Infrastructure and Logistics In marine infrastructure, we primarily focus on ship design and operation. Shipping and shipbuilding has a history of over 5000 years, but post the Industrial Revolution, there has been a cataclysmic change in the approach towards shipping. Be it the energy source that powers the ship, or the hull design, or the engine and propulsion units used, adoption of technology has kept pace with the innovation in machinery within the industry. Today, fossil fuels are the most popular energy source used in ships. However, given the rising environmental concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, there have been efforts for sustainable … Continue reading Evolution of Technology in Shipping

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Women Seafarers in India – Charting New Horizons

The maritime scenario in India is witnessing the dawn of a new era for women seafarers. Venturing into this primarily male-dominated society, women have been creating history at every step. They have overcome personal and professional hurdles, proving that they are as capable and strong as their male counterparts. Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, SHM Shipcare had the privilege to chat with some of the most celebrated Lady Officers and Chief Engineers in the Indian maritime sector. A candid conversation with some of the most senior as well as younger women in the field gives us an idea of how shipping is progressively accepting women and how much farther there is to go. A quick introduction to the bravehearts – Capt. Radhika Menon, the first woman in the world to receive IMO’s Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea; Ms. Suneeti Bala, India’s first Lady Chief Engineer, and Ms. Sharvani Mishra, the first woman to sail onboard an Indian vessel. The three are the founders of the International Women Seafarers Foundation. We also talked to Ms. Bhagyashree Ogale, 3rd Engineer, Ms. Rupali Joshi, Chief Engineer, Ms. Poonam Devangan, former sailor and a recipient of the Varuna Award, and Ms. Reshma Nilofer, India’s first Marine Pilot. The conversations touched on several topics, from the change in the mentality of … Continue reading Women Seafarers in India – Charting New Horizons

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