The 7 Challenges of Autonomous Boats

The idea of automation in boats is fast turning into reality, with major players of the world taking an active interest in building fully-automated vessels. Given the high rate of adoption of technology in boats and ships, it won’t be long before we see ‘ghost’ ships sailing across the seas. While this change in perspective is welcome, there is the proverbial another side of the coin to be considered as well. When we speak of autonomous boats or rather, automation in shipping, the reactions are inherently sceptical. Is it even necessary? Is it as useful as it is said to be? These are some of the questions which everybody asks. Today, we discuss the various challenges of autonomous boats, ranging from a conservative perspective to the high capital investment required, and the possible solutions that can be used to overcome these hurdles. The Challenges of Autonomous Boats In the process of automation of boats, there are three factors that come into play; one, remote operation of the boat, two, the onboard controller, and three, reduced number of the members onboard the vessel. All of these play an important part in deciding the feasibility of the autonomous boat. Let us see the impact of these factors on the various aspects of the boat in detail. Security Concerns Autonomous boats will be … Continue reading The 7 Challenges of Autonomous Boats

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5 Aspects of Technology in Autonomous Boats in 2018

The concept of autonomous boats is gaining immense popularity due to its application and usefulness in the field of marine trade. With the rapid development of technology, it is imperative to bring about big changes in the marine trading industry as well. Autonomous boats are operated with the help of AI technology and various developed software. Technology is the soul of autonomous boats, but it is important to understand the impact this tech will have on the marine trading industry and its effects on the functions of the boat. Here we take a look at 5 such aspects of technology in autonomous boats: 1. Technology in Navigation For an autonomous boat to function impeccably, it is important that the boat be fitted with the latest navigation technology to ensure a safer and efficient service. Navigation helps the boat reach the desired destination faster, without obstacles, saves fuel and avoids collisions and marine traffic. The boats must include technology like Satellite Tracking, LIDAR, Advanced Radar, Thermal Imaging, infrared cameras, SONAR. Satellite Tracking includes tracking devices to be installed in the boat and its cargo to enable the controllers to keep a track of where the boat is at all times. The Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology is a detection system, which is much like radar but uses laser lights. The … Continue reading 5 Aspects of Technology in Autonomous Boats in 2018

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Autonomous Boat Technology – Ushering in a New Era of Shipping

Shipping has been one of the oldest and most important modes of trade since decades. With the rapid enhancement in technology, it has become imperative to adapt to these advancements and bring in upgrades in operations aboard ships and, by extension, boats. The shipping industry has always been susceptible to shifting trade patterns and other financial crises. Thus, it has become of importance to adopt new technology and give a much-needed boost to the field. Currently, every sector is experiencing automation at all levels. From autonomous drones to autonomous cars, this technology has proved to be revolutionary in its application. The shipping industry is no exception. Today, the use of modern and autonomous technology has increased to a hitherto unprecedented extent. However, before we see how autonomous technology is changing the shipping industry, let us first analyze the purpose of autonomous boat technology.   The Purpose of Autonomous Boat Technology The use of autonomous boat technology is essentially for transforming the transportation system. Autonomous boat technology can ensure efficient transportation of boats with minimum human interference, which will in turn leave almost no margin for error. Initially, autonomous technology was conceptualized as a solution for the human errors aboard boats. Since all the major operations on the ships were carried out by people and not by machines, the scope for … Continue reading Autonomous Boat Technology – Ushering in a New Era of Shipping

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