SHM Shipcare is the leading manufacturer of FRP Boats and lifesaving appliances in India, with a presence even in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. So what is it like to work at one of India's premier maritime companies? Take a journey through our world and the lives of our employees, and find out what makes working @SHM so special. As you hear their stories and learn about their experiences, you will come to realize: SHM is more than just a is a family!


At SHM Shipcare we offer an active environment for our workforce across all our group of companies. The joint force of our employees has placed us on a better stature in the maritime sector.

We at SHM, believe planning and actualizing the vision go hand in hand. A diverse and varied range of open web of communication with opportunities provides a strong functioning core.From humble ship chandlers to now being one of the front runners in shipping safety and boat manufacturing in India, our consistent growth stems from the individual contribution of every member in the SHM family.

Our aim is to strengthen our future prospects by pushing the internal growth alongside highlighting the same magnitude of opportunities for the new.




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SHM Shipcare strongly believes that we are a society before a community. Internal growth of the company and our payback to the world outside are equally essential. Giving back to the society we are a part of, not only boosts the morale of the employees but also connects them with the world around. We make continual and conscious efforts to engage in such activities and stay bracketed with the environment.

Following are a few instances where the company established a bond with the local and grassroots communities.


When diverse, creative and ambitious yet like minds come together, real success is achieved. The varied perspectives and inputs from every member is beneficial for us as a community. We value each input, as every contribution matters in building a brighter future for us.Forming relationships among our colleagues, clients as well as your community over time helps one evolve as a person; and that is exactly what we offer at SHM shipcare.

With over 500 employees and a strong management, we have developed a versatile community with a flexible elbow-room to embrace fresh minds. As the marketplace becomes more diverse, one gets to partner with them throughout the project life cycle, and support the communities we serve as well.

As a family-run organisation, our approach is extremely realistic and grounded. The work environment is all-embracing for every individual to harness his true potential and learn from current employees in a guided manner. We do not hesitate when allotting challenging roles and responsibilities to younger members of the SHM family.

The guidance and support of the experienced employees and heads at the executive level set benchmarks for the new members of the family.

Join a community that emphasises all-round development for every employee.

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