• Life At SHM


Life at SHM is dynamic and fun, a place where people love to work. A career with freedom, full of learning and development opportunities and the support to help you achieve your best. It also includes activities and celebrations to bring everyone together on any occasion. The management, employees and clients form an ecosystem where every element functions independently yet inclusively to achieve the best.


SHM Shipcare routinely hosts engagements outdoors to build on its network and exchange expertise among other stakeholders of the maritime community. Building a sustainable and engaging work culture for our people while motivating and bonding the workforce is crucial to us. Certain organizational efforts include exhibitions, conferences, outdoor trainings as well as events where our employees learn via substantial exchanges.

Internal HR activities

HR is the oil that keeps the functioning smooth and efficient. Hence, constant training, hiring practices and employee engagement activities are important. SHM Shipcare takes up such activities and trainings to build a successful core.


SHM Shipcare believes inhouse celebrations help build a company's culture while also allowing employees to relax, have fun, and know they are valued. We come together to celebrate every festival with the SHM Shipcare family and build on the joy and fervour.

Employee benefits: Accommodation and travel benefits for distant employees. Bonuses, commissions and incentives from time to time. Recognition as well as employment of employee’s immediate family.

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