Understanding Lifejackets: Your Personal Safety Device

Lifejackets are flotation devices which can be worn to keep a person afloat in the water. These are a crucial piece of equipment that have helped save thousands of lives over the years. A lifejacket is typically made of polyester stuffed with foam cubes, with reflective patches on the front and back. They are bright, colored orange or yellow, so as to be spotted easily from a distance. How do Lifejackets Work? LifeJackets work on the principle of buoyancy, i.e. the amount of water displaced by an object is equal to its weight. This implies that when a person is in the water, the buoyancy force created is equal to the weight of the person. A LifeJacket, however, is made of lightweight form that weighs much less than the average weight density of human beings. As a result, when a person is wearing a LifeJacket, the total weight to be displaced by the water is much less as compared to the weight of the person alone, and so the person floats. It is important to wear a jacket that fits well, protects the person from injuries due to impact, and ensures maximum safety till further help arrives, even in rough sea conditions. Types of LifeJackets There are five principal types of LifeJackets manufactured by LifeJacket manufacturers in India. These include: … Continue reading Understanding Lifejackets: Your Personal Safety Device

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Ship Chandlers: Providing Complete Ship Supplies

Ships arriving in port require the day-to-day goods and supplies at short notice. In addition, they are also expected to be refueled and checked for immediate repairs before they set off again. However, it is not always possible for ships to delay in port long enough for the crew members to land ashore and shop for the required supplies. This is where ship chandlers are worth their weight in gold. The advantage of ship chandlers is two-fold. One, the arriving ship does not have to go through the hassle of landing in port, passing through customs, and travelling inland to make the necessary purchase. Two, the ship can deal in its native currency instead of having to get it converted first and then purchasing the required goods. Port authorities often having standing accounts for ship chandlers to deposit the revenue earned and have a ready convoy of goods in place to be sold. What is a Ship Chandler? A ship chandler is the exclusive supplier of all the basic requirements of a shipping vessel, trading with the arriving ship for those goods and supplies without necessitating the arrival of ship into port. The typical goods supplied by ship chandlers include: Food Fuel Tools and spare parts Maintenance supplies, etc. Ship chandlers have been a part of maritime trade since its … Continue reading Ship Chandlers: Providing Complete Ship Supplies

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Shipping in Malaysia – The Past, Present, and the Future

Malaysia, one of the foremost nations in maritime trade and commerce, has evolved tremendously over the years to become a global leader in trading. Shipping and infrastructure in Malaysia have seen radical changes, courtesy of the strategic location of the Malaysian peninsula smack in the middle of the Asian trade routes through the Indian ocean. On this occasion of one of the greatest marine expos of the world – MIMEX 2017, here is a look at how shipping in Malaysia has developed in the last decade. The History of Shipping and Maritime trade in Malaysia Maritime trade in Malaysia took the centre stage in the 15th century, when the port Melaka became a key entity in national and international trade. However, the global influence of the port reduced for the next 300 years, when the Portuguese conquered the Melaka Sultanate. The revival of marine trade came with the establishment of the British rule in the 18th century, with the ports of Melaka, Singapore, and Penang being declared as global commercial outposts. This led to an unprecedented growth in trade and commerce, even as extensive industrialization facilitated the incorporation of newer and better technologies in port infrastructure. The Current Scenario Malaysia is one of the reigning powers in shipping and maritime trade today, with 95% of its trade being carried out … Continue reading Shipping in Malaysia – The Past, Present, and the Future

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