Oil Spills- Causes and How to Combat them?

“It is submitted that despite the collision warning issued by the Port Control, both vessels did not take appropriate steps, which resulted in the collision at 03:45 hours,” – The Chairman of the Kamarajar Port Trust Ltd, The Hindu, Feb, 21, 2017 It is estimated that in excess of 300,000 liters of oil per day contaminated the sea, equivalent to pouring 10 Olympic swimming pools of toxic sludge into the ocean over the months the spill continued – Timor Sea Oil Spill, 2009. The Jakarta Post dated Feb 21, 2017 Makes your souls cringe right? The frequency of these types of news clippings is increasing day by day due to various reasons, right from collision of vessels to a valve in the oil tanks that go unnoticed. No matter what the reasons are, oil spills can be easily categorized as the most dangerous type of pollution with long lasting effects. In Spite of the gruesome effects quite widely known, shipping companies fail to take necessary precautions, and poisoning the environment, head on. Oil spills are caused when dense liquid hydrocarbons or crude oil is released into the ocean or on land in disturbingly high amounts.. In water bodies, the spill occurs due to drilling rigs, offshore oil platforms, barges, pipelines, refineries, drilling rigs, and storage facilities and offshore wells. Barring … Continue reading Oil Spills- Causes and How to Combat them?

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