Vice Admiral N. Krishnan – The Master Destroyer of Ghazi

The Indian history is galore with stories of soldiers and common people who displayed acts of heroism while protecting the country against external and internal forces. These are the heroes we look up to and remember for their bravery, intelligence, and sacrifice they made in the process. But, there are many unsung heroes whose heroics never made the light of the day. One such name is Vice Admiral Nilakanta Krishnan. Who was Vice Admiral N. Krishnan? Vice Admiral N. Krishnan was the most decorated officer in the Indian Navy with over 40 years of distinguished service career and 17 medals to his credit. He was also awarded the Padma Bhushan and Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry in World War II. Vice Admiral Krishnan has been a part of many pre and post independence operations his role in the war of 1971, has etched his name in the pages of history in golden letters. What happened in 1971? Vice Admiral Krishnan was then the Chief of East Naval Command. India’s secret spy network across the border confirmed the news that our next door naval forces had deployed their most deadly war submarine Ghazi, to destroy Indian Warship INS Vikrant. VA Krishnan was directed by the central command to use INS Vikrant in combat against the adversaries. But, he was informed by … Continue reading Vice Admiral N. Krishnan – The Master Destroyer of Ghazi

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