Trends in Maritime Industry Careers in 2019

Trends in Maritime Industry Careers in 2019

The maritime industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries globally. Given the surge in demand for marine services, there has also been a substantial increase in career opportunities in the sector. Even though the maritime industry offers a wide range of career opportunities, the number of people opting for a career in the sector is receding somewhat. It is, therefore, becoming crucial to retain and attract talented employees in the various sectors of the maritime industry.

For individuals that are interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry, it is essential to be substantially informed about the opportunities in the field. There have been several changes within the industry over the last few years, which have created new careers in the industry. Here, we discuss the emerging trends in the maritime industry that make for attractive career options.

The Emerging Variety of Maritime Careers

There has always been a variety of options to choose a career from in the maritime sector. Certain jobs like that of a marine engineer or naval architect require rigorous training and higher qualifications, while jobs like wipers and roughnecks require skill and physical strength. With the expansion in the maritime sector, there is obviously an increase in demand for skilled professionals within the industry. Maritime careers include a variety of options and there is a tremendous scope for learning and growth. Some of the well-known jobs in this industry include:

  • Naval Architect:  

This is probably the most rewarding career option of all. The job of a naval architect is designing and planning ships and other vessels.

  • Marine Engineer:

To pursue a career as a marine engineer, one has to be interested in the technical aspects of ships and must have a thorough knowledge of machinery and maintenance. The job of a marine engineer entails maintenance and repair of the ship and all of its machinery.

  • Shipbuilding Engineer:

A shipbuilding engineer has to deal with the construction of ships and other seafaring vessels. This requires a thorough understanding of the structure of watercraft and an eye for detail and precision.

  • Maritime reporter:

A maritime reporter is someone who reports the happenings of the maritime industry and keeps people in touch with the news and ongoing trends in the industry.

  • Marine Environmental Management:

With the increase in the deterioration of the marine environment, this job would entail spreading awareness about the state of the marine environment and coming up with alternatives and solutions to improve the current state of the marine environment.

  • Maritime Lawyer:

This job is more related to the commercial side of the maritime industry. It deals with maritime laws and regulations that ships and companies should follow on the sea.

  • Maritime Security:

The demand for maritime security has increased since the increase in piracy incidents aboard ships. It deals with having to provide manual security as well as technological security on the ship.

Other than the ones listed above, there are numerous careers one can choose from. Right from those requiring a particular skill set that can be honed to fit a criterion, there are career options for individuals who are less academically inclined and more physically skilled. These jobs involve more strength and greater acuity. But the maritime industry has an abundance of jobs that require extremely diverse skill sets.

In recent times, there have been a lot of changing trends in the maritime career sector. Here is a look at some of these, which will play an important part in 2019.

Top 5 Trends in Maritime Careers in 2019

The last few years have seen a considerable change in the overall development of the maritime sector. Here are some of the careers in the sector which are evolving to keep up with the rapid pace of growth and development that is taking place globally.

  • Offshore navigation

Over the past few years, the popularity of unmanned vessels has skyrocketed. They prove to be an efficient way of transport while minimizing the manual labor. Enhancement in technology makes it possible for people to navigate these vessels from offshore. Offshore navigation requires training but is a viable option for people not wanting to be onboard ships.

  • Engineering and electrotechnical

The maritime industry predominantly hinges on technology and hence needs to be in a constant state of upgrade. Every passing day introduces a new piece of technology that needs to be added to the ships’ systems. That is where the electro technicians come in. These engineers and electro technicians have to come up with new and improved ways to design ships and hence can be a successful and trending career option.

  • Hotel Operations

This career opportunity puts you on the spectrum of the more commercial side of the maritime industry. The popularity of cruise ships and the increasing number of people choosing ships for vacationing has created a boom in the hotel operations division. A career in hotel operations includes jobs as Administrative Executive, Cruise Director, Cruise Staff, Entertainment and Event Manager, Youth Activities Manager, various types of chefs for different cuisines, housekeeping, and more.

  • Marine Bio-Technology/ Marine Biologist

The job is not directly related to the commercial or industrial shipping industry per se, but it involves extensive research on marine ecosystems and organisms. It deals with research and the biotechnological applications of aquatic organisms. Being a marine biologist would entail research on the current marine climate and its effect on marine organisms. It would also involve finding viable options to reduce marine pollution and alternative uses of fuel among much more.

  • Increased recruitments in conventional careers

Conventional jobs such as commercial officer, cargo engineer, ship designer, and ship broker are preferred more by people as they are more lucrative. However, the maritime industry needs a healthy mix of various career profiles for efficient functioning. Hence, the recruitment numbers for jobs of this nature have gone up along with the influx in the requirement for other job profiles.

The Final Word

The maritime sector proposes as an attractive career option, offering rapid financial growth and other benefits as well. More than that, the sophistication and the technology aboard vessels serves as a rather good work environment. The leading shipping companies in India, such as SHM Shipcare, not only offer onshore career opportunities, but also offshore ones. Due to the advancement in technology, there are several jobs maritime employees can do that do not require them to be on board a ship. A career in the maritime sector is one of the innumerable possibilities for candidates who are interested in pursuing the same.

It is hence essential for the maritime companies to realize the importance of diverse and appealing career options. Providing the required training and offering additional benefits to the crew will improve the chances of people opting for a career in the maritime industry.

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