Ship Chandlers

Ship Chandlers: Providing Complete Ship Supplies

Ships arriving in port require the day-to-day goods and supplies at short notice. In addition, they are also expected to be refueled and checked for immediate repairs before they set off again. However, it is not always possible for ships to delay in port long enough for the crew members to land ashore and shop for the required supplies. This is where ship chandlers are worth their weight in gold.

The advantage of ship chandlers is two-fold. One, the arriving ship does not have to go through the hassle of landing in port, passing through customs, and travelling inland to make the necessary purchase. Two, the ship can deal in its native currency instead of having to get it converted first and then purchasing the required goods. Port authorities often having standing accounts for ship chandlers to deposit the revenue earned and have a ready convoy of goods in place to be sold.

What is a Ship Chandler?

A ship chandler is the exclusive supplier of all the basic requirements of a shipping vessel, trading with the arriving ship for those goods and supplies without necessitating the arrival of ship into port.

The typical goods supplied by ship chandlers include:

  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Tools and spare parts
  • Maintenance supplies, etc.

Ship chandlers have been a part of maritime trade since its inception. A ship chandler is responsible for the complete repository of the supplies required by a ship for its voyage and is hence integral to marine transactions. Traditionally, ship chandlers in India have been working since the time ships required tar and turpentine, rope and hemp, lanterns and tools, mops and brooms, and leather and paper to replenish their stocks. Even today, the presence of ship chandlers is highly valued from buying groceries to a full-fledged ship.

The Importance of Ship Chandlers in India

The job of a ship chandler is an extremely important one. Usually, ship chandlers are focused on a particular niche in the marine industry, say commercial ships, which ensures that all the needs of commercial ships are taken care of, at all times. There are several advantages of ship chandlers in India, listed as follows:

  • Economical Transaction

Ship chandlers provide commodities at reasonable rates. Besides, the elimination of middlemen and negotiators between the trading parties reduces the price hike, thus contributing to extremely economical transactions.

  • Less Delay in Processes

The direct contact of ship chandlers and the ship’s crew ensures that the trade takes place within no time, reducing the in-port delay faced by ships as they wait for crew members to return with the specified material.

  • One-point Source

Ship chandlers in India are a one-point source that fulfill every requirement of arriving ships completely. The one-point source ensures more discounted rates of commodities than those procured from third-party dealers.

  • Assurance of Quality

Ship chandlers can be trusted with impeccable quality of goods under every circumstance.

Types of Ship Chandlers in India

Leading shipping industries in India, like SHM Shipcare, have 10 principal types of ship chandlers. These are:

  • Deck Stores
  • Engine Stores
  • Cabin Stores
  • Safety Stores
  • Provision Stores
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Ropes & Lifting Tackles
  • Marine Paints & Accessories
  • Marine Chemicals
  • Electrical Stores

SHM Shipcare has been working in the ship chandling field for over 20 years and continues to do successfully through its affiliate companies like WBTC and its branches in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Dubai,and Malaysia.

Ship chandlers in India have developed over the years to reach a stage where they have become an indivisible part of marine trade. The importance of this one-stop-shop of marine supplies today, is greater than ever.

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