The Definitive Guide to Kayak Safety for Beginners

The Definitive Guide to Kayak Safety for Beginners Kayaking is one of the best adrenaline-filled activities you can enjoy in a group. However, before you get caught up in the thrill and excitement of meandering down the rapids, here are a few tips to stay safe and avoid getting carried away, literally! 5 Tips for Kayak Safety First, let’s focus on the measures you need to take before and during your kayaking adventure. Here are 5 tips for quick reference to keep you safe. Check You Prerequisites: Weather, Water, and Gear Before you set out for the trip, make sure to check with your local weather department to see what kind of weather you will be having on the day planned. Time your ride according to the tide so that it is easier to paddle your way along. Avoid days that can turn stormy or rough. It helps to have two/three potential dates for planning the trip. The next important thing is to check whether you have all the gear required. We shall see what kind of gear is a must-have for kayaking later, but suffice to say that all of it should be well-maintained and reliable. Add a Few Essentials Apart from your basic safety requirement, add a few essential items like sunblock, packaged drinking water, and some dry … Continue reading The Definitive Guide to Kayak Safety for Beginners

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11 Main Personal Life-Saving Appliances Used Onboard Ship

They say safety is not just a rule, it is a culture to live by. Ship and marine safety have always been an integral part of a seaman’s life. It is the primary concern for all shipbuilders, manufacturers, and service providers, as adhering to safety compliances is a must for preserving human life on open seas. To this end, there are several personal life-saving appliances that are used on ships to protect the lives of all sailors on board. These include: Safety helmet A safety helmet is one of the most imperative personal life-saving equipment used on the ship. It is generally made of hard plastic and can be fastened under the chin. It can protect the sailors from cranial injuries during storms or rough weather. Safety Shoes Trading and merchant ships have large amounts of machinery and tools, which make navigating through the ship a difficult task. Although ship discipline is mandatory, it pays to prevent accidents by using safety shoes which protect the feet from being injured. Safety Hand Gloves Various types of safety gloves are used while maintaining machinery and handling cargo on ships. The crew has to protect their hands from hot and rough surfaces, chemicals, abrasive material, and other substances. This requires gloves with insulation, chemical resistance, and fire-resistance. Goggles Ship maintenance includes various processes … Continue reading 11 Main Personal Life-Saving Appliances Used Onboard Ship

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Marine Safety in India Post 26/11: The Event that Inspired Safe Seas, Safe Shores

On 26th of November, 2008, India witnessed one of the most horrifying acts of terrorism, with 12 coordinated shootings, bombings, and hostage situations taking place across Mumbai. The attack targeted some of the most populous areas of the city and took hundreds of lives and injured many more, in a short span of four days. The perpetrators of this inhumane attack had traveled across the sea and docked near Colaba, right in the heart of Mumbai. The ease with which they had crossed into international waters made 26/11 a wake-up call for India, emphasizing the need for stringent security measures along the coastline and marine routes. Even as the government was reeling from the terror attack, numerous measures were implemented to enhance security in coastal areas and thereby improve safety at sea. Several rescue and surveillance boats were commissioned, with stringent safety standards made mandatory for marine trade and commerce. An interception-based approach, rather than a simple patrol was considered, with the use of high-speed boats, which could travel at a speed of up to 40-45 knots, being promoted. The Catch? Unfortunately, safety regulations and legislation for oceans and seas have always been a reactive measure, after some calamitous attack has spurred action. Disasters such as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the 26/11 Mumbai bombings have … Continue reading Marine Safety in India Post 26/11: The Event that Inspired Safe Seas, Safe Shores

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