Dry Dock – History, Types, Advantages and Innovation

Every machine needs repairing, maintenance and constant upkeep for smooth functioning. Dry Docking is the process followed for the periodic repair and maintenance of ships, boats and watercrafts. Dry Docking is a method of ship repair being practiced for decades. It is a process of manufacturing, repair and maintenance of ships in an area known as the ‘lock’. In simple words, a lock is like a ‘garage’ for repairing ships. The only difference being, a lock is constructed aligning the shore for easy manoeuvre of the ship and sea water drainage. The main purpose of a Dry Dock is to expose the underwater parts for inspection, repair and maintenance. The ship to be repaired is hence manoeuvred into the lock and the gates are sealed post which all the sea water accumulated in the vessel is drained for better inspection and repairs. According to SOLAS, active ships that fall under the 100A5 category have to be subjected to a bottom survey twice every 5 years. Also, a Merchant Vessel which is older than 15 years needs to be checked for breaches or any defaults twice in every five years. In case of Passenger Ships, the repair period is every two years. The primary goal of a Dry Dock is to carry out effective repairs and maintenance of the parts that … Continue reading Dry Dock – History, Types, Advantages and Innovation

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